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Beijing Machinery Industry Automation Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as the north since) was founded in 1954, is the former Ministry of machinery industry directly under the comprehensive scientific research institutions, 1999 for the restructuring of the central government's large enterprises of science and technology, Mechanical Science Research Institute affiliated to the SASAC supervision.

North has more than 800 employees, including engineering and technical personnel nearly 600 people. There are 9 research and development centers. Is approved by the state to establish the "manufacturing automation National Engineering Research Center", "national quality inspection center of hydraulic components" and "national" 863 "plan of intelligent robot industry base" and "intelligent system integration application experience verification center" and other national research and development base; "national industrial automation system with the integration of authority" and "national hydraulic and pneumatic 2", "China Association for mechatronics technology" and other 15 national industry organizations rely on in this place; the state approved the "control theory and control engineering, computer application technology" two professional master's degree graduate training, has 200 more than.

Innovation, research, development and application of automation, informatization and integration technology in the field of manufacturing. To provide customers with development, design, manufacture, installation and service to the overall solution, is the manufacturing enterprise integrated equipment and system solutions provider.

North has made outstanding contributions to the national major projects and technological progress of enterprises, completed more than one thousand national key projects and enterprise customized equipment engineering. Take the first in China including artificial earth satellite ground motion simulation test; undertake high-profile project; take the Yellow River diversion project project; the first robot developed in China painting production line; in the field of accelerator to resist foreign blockade, developed China's first high energy electron linear accelerator; completed the world's largest glass fiber industry logistics production line; the development of software for RS10 information technology with independent intellectual property rights...... It is widely used in automobile, machinery, water conservancy, electric power, military industry, metallurgy, aerospace, aviation, environmental protection, building materials, coal, light industry, food, transportation, energy and other 22 industries. In the industrial automation and system integration, industrial robots and automatic assembly system, fluid transmission equipment and systems, nondestructive testing equipment and systems, logistics and warehousing automation system, sheet metal processing equipment, automation of enterprise informatization and the application of the development and application of high-tech fields, reached the international advanced level in the domestic leading position.

Honesty is the foundation of our business, customer first is our service tenet, scientific and technological innovation is our source of development. North is willing to, with first-class technology, first-class products and first-class service, for the technical progress of the industry and the economic take-off of the enterprise contribution force.


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